• I like to tell the reflection of my work after earthquake. Though, I have graduated , I always remember the valuable service  I did  after Nepal earthquake from my college. I got chance to involve in such a good deed and  also enhanced my capacity to be best social worker. 
    It was really a great opportunity for me to serve people and give psychosocial first aid to man, woman, children and the youths for one month. We conducted various programs like cluster meetings, conducting session with the youths, children’s and man and woman from the Bhimtar VDC of Sindupalchok. We also helped in clearing the debris of shree Bimishowari School which was completely dem...

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  • I am pleased to be the first cohort of Youth for SDGs program of Kadambari Memorial College which was my  first  community service experience.
    As a student, I find “Think globally and act locally” as the main motto of Sustainable Development Goals in today’s context. The 17 SDGs set by the UN is a key to the better living world. As youths who make up a large proportion of the world population, we can think creatively with our young minds to generate ideas for mobilizing ourselves as global leaders to make an effective change in the society. Deciding to take part in one such activity, I along with my five other friends indulged us in the Underprivileged C...

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  • Thank you very much for all the hard work, Kadambari Memorial College and Pradipta  for  the last three week and all the planning you did for our study tour. This has been a trip of a life time for me. I did not know it was possible to grow so much in such a small amount of time but this program has shown me so much and for that I am thankful. See Nepal through this program has been amazing and I know that one day I will be back! Thank you again.

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  • I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the positive impacts of the Working in International Communities - Nepal study program for our students. The program's design and delivery are exceptional.  The student feedback I have received as program lead for the Griffith University student cohorts across the two years that the program has been facilitated has been outstanding. The program structure provides an excellent balance of interaction between the KMC students and faculty and the Griffith students and staff, facilitates exposure to a wide range of services focusing on international human services practice and provides the opportunity for students to experience first...

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  • Honestly, I never had thought about studying a subject like Social Work in my entire life. I was trying abroad for a Bachelor's degree in psychology. Thanks to Mr. Dil Kumar Thakuri who is a great teacher and also a great counselor. I actually applaud myself for choosing this college to pursue my Bachelor's degree. My mom has never been this happier ever before with my decision of choosing this college.

    The curriculum designed here is what attracted me the most. It is practical and realistic. The teachers here are humble and kind. However, they are strict with deadlines and punctuality. The Fieldwork Supervisors here are really concerned about getting our reports to perf...

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  • Freedom with responsibility is the main quote of our college where students have the freedom to express to put their opinions, views and at the same time have responsibility to complete the task and deeds given unto them. Every students  are not only studenst, moreover, they are children of every staff. Therefore, like children in the home, we have freedom and also responsibility that I always keep in my mind wherever I am. After entering the Kadambari Memorial College I personally know what is the value of a person and what should we do to bring a change in ourselves and in our surroundings. 

    The academic course and the way the teacher teaches is rare to find in any o...

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  • In 2018 I had the privilege to co-lead with Dr Stephen Lamar a 3 week International Teaching Intensive with 20 Social Work and Human Services students from Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. The course, ‘Working in International Communities’ facilitated exceptional learning opportunities for these students that will have an ongoing significant academic and future practice impact alongside personal development. On all accounts this International Study Program met the learning goals for the students and has established a highly regarded, valued and future orientated partnership with Kadambari College.
    Throughout the entire process of planning for the study program...

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  • The college experience that I will be most thankful till now is the opportunity to explore myself better through practical education. Theoretical as well as practical knowledge in field work, different workshops, and trainings has really helped me to empower my knowledge and skills and make connection with new people. The classes push us to be a better student by providing the environment of self learning. I am grateful to choose Kadambari Memorial College and attain quality education which will definitely have good impacts in my life. I expect to be nurtured as a professional social worker from this college.

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  • Probably not a state-of-the-art infrastructure and not so beautiful looking campus building on the face value:
    That's definitely not the end! The academic fragrance blended with deeply entrenched selfless doctrine of volunteerism makes one never wants to leave the college once any genuine aspirant enters the premises, probably one of the best centers of excellence in the country in the arena of vouching a career path on social work.
    To my brief knowledge, Kadambari Memorial College arguably is the best institution for students pursuing their career in the field of social work and research. Support services offered by the college management, dedicated teaching staff and a...

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  • Dikshya

    Dikshya Thapa

    BSW, 2019

    Kadambari Memorial College is one of the finest colleges for the study of bachelors in social work where both theory and practical knowledge are given equal priority. Doing interns in different NGOs and office can be huge help to gain working experiences every year for the students. Working as a volunteer in different NGO‘s we enjoyed helping people learn about community services available to them. Such platform is provided to enhance the communication skills, be out spoken, interactive, gain confidence and to generate the innovative ideas from the students so that we can utilize in our daily life.
     This college has made the student life easy and comfortable by supportin...

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