Thinking Globally Acting Locally

Social Work is a Global profession. To make kadambari graduates compatible to the global social work workforce and higher study, we give importance to engage students in international programs and platforms. Kadambari teaches International Social Work as a course to develop students’ understandings of the concepts of international social work, international structure of social work, international social issues. Hosting of international social work practicum and study tour of different universities is means to exchange the ideas, knowledge and skills among the students from home institution and aboard to make them ready for global social work. Our students get ample opportunity to interact with the students from Australia, India, USA, Singapore and Bangkok to boarder their knowledge. One month international field practicum has be organized in sixth semester for kadambari students when they go to India, Australia, Bangkok to involve in the agency deepening their understanding of diversity, cultural difference, cultural competency in international social work. With all of these activities we prepare our graduates to graduate with ability to think globally but with ability to act locally. 

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