The Best Social Work Education to be Professional Social Workers

Social Work is a growing profession in Nepal and an established profession in many countries. It is a practice based profession and an academic discipline which promotes social change and development, social cohesion and the empowerment and liberation of people. Social Workers are abiding by the principles of social justice, human right, collective responsibilities and respect of diversities.  Underpinned by the theories of social work, social science, humanities and indigenous knowledge, social workers engage people and structure to address life challenges and enhance wellbeing. This rewarding profession is guided by the human relationship, empowerment and sustainable development of individual, groups and societies.

As a Social Worker, you can work in different organizations (INGOs/ Ngoc), government organizations, hospitals, schools, elderly homes, community development program, policy analysis and advocacy program and many more and also be researcher.  Depending on the type of practice, the clients you work varies. Children, adolescent, women, older adults, elderly, victim of abuse, veterans and psychiatric patient are some of the examples.   Social workers work with disadvantaged populations and that could apply to many different groups of people and communities. Just as the different types of social work and clients are diverse, so are the kinds of organizations, agencies and institutions that employ social workers. As social workers you can be a best employee or create employment for many others.

At Kadambari, you learn to work with individual, groups, community to solve the problem and empower them to own the solution and lead further. The course also provide you knowledge and skills in organization leadership, project design, evaluation and monitoring with research based approach to be more evidential and scientific in practice. You learn to be revenue generating and economically sustainable to be social entrepreneurs. Our graduates have been working in various organizations like Nepal scout, CWIN, CWISH, LOOM Nepal, COCAP, Unnati foundation, Ujyalo foundation, Voice of Children,  UCEP Nepal, NSET Nepal, Hatti Hatii, Sparsha Nepal,  Just Nepal foundation, Worec Nepal, different colleges running social work program,   and many others. 

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