More than a Degree We make a Difference

Social Workers are Social Change makers and Social change agents. The Social Work degree guides our graduates  to not only get the university degree but also be capable of making difference to the people they engage with, solving  problems and leading people and society to just and sustainable human development. 

Before leading that change, students in Kadambari learn to recognize themselves. We work closely with students in their introspective leaning process.  The curricular course ,the practicum , individual conference , group conference, academic discussion and writing, presentations and co-curricular activities  support them to be reflective , analytical , human centric and evidential in transforming themselves to professional Social Workers.  In this journey they learn to be a change first.  They also learn to innovate, integrate and bring positive impact in people and places they work with.  In this endeavor, we apply the philosophy and principle of Freedom with Responsibility. The students are provided freedom to understand their responsibility and encouraged to shape themselves with our nurturance and their nature. 

We feel very content to see our students changing themselves towards professional Social Workers and leading many Social Changes.  We have ample of stories of our graduates who are Social Change makers in National, Local and Individual Level.

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