Bachelor of Social Work Course Practice

Bachelor of Social Work Course Practice

Bachelor of Social Work Course Practice

Course Practice


The practice component in BSW is embedded in the curriculum as  Field Work Practicum and Social Work study Labs.


 Kadambari Social Work Field Work Practicum


Field experience is an integral component of social work education, where students begin to connect and integrate theory and practice. Field experiences reinforce students’ identification with the purpose, values and ethics of the social work profession and assist students to link classroom knowledge with experiential learning. The success of our fieldwork program is determined by positive working partnerships with Field Educators, Kadambari  and Social Work trainee.  


The social work field work practicum follows the framework of 10 core social work competency and nurtures students with curriculum related learning plan. This offers students the opportunity to interface experience and explore the placement in several areas of knowledge, practice, and skills of social work higher education. The first and second years introduce students to facilitate professional development and understanding of core social work values, skills and code of ethics. The placements aim to build and expand the student’s professional identity and confidence. The third and fourth year placements provide space for students to build on their learning from the previous field experiences and work independently in their placement.  The students are encouraged to proactively seek feedback on their performance and be responsible for their development and learning. The field work practicum in four years course period is manifested with intermittent agency placement and block placement. Social work placements are not only the opportunities for engagement but is the space to demonstrate  performance.


Objective of Fieldwork Practicum and Block Placement

Fieldwork Practicum:

  • To enhance practical knowledge on the basis of the core competence.


Block Field Placement:

  • To acquire knowledge about administrative and policy level in the organization.
  • To provide opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills as independent practitioner.


At Kadambari, Field Work Practicum is a process of experiential learning. Kadambari Field Work Placement is our strength and opportunity to quality education. A well established system is followed by the field work department to optimize the students’ knowledge, interest and experiences this practice course.  More than 50 active field work partners including NGOs, INGOs, CBOs, governmental organization and schools are working together with us from last 15 years to contribute to the practice learning components of BSW program. It begins with a briefing session with students to provide knowledge on the field work practicum as professional practice course and also as personal development course. Following a briefing, students attend an orientation session. The session provides students an opportunity to prepare for placement. The process comprises of a system of placement as application submission, placement interview, agency matching, placement, individual and group conferences mid placement evaluation and supervisors visits. A skill lab class goes side ways to support students in their placement. On completion of their placement, students attend a session that consolidates their learning and social work practice skills. All the components of the placement are mandatory to students. In semester 6 or 7, kadambari students go to international practicum placement in countries like India, Australia and Bangkok.

Field Work Hours

  • Social Work Field Practicum I :  150 hrs
  • Social Work Field Practicum II, III, IV : 200- 250 hrs each
  • Block Field Placement V,VI, VII :  200-250 hrs  each

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