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About Kadambari Memorial College

About Kadambari Memorial College

 2005 A. D, Nepal was coming toward the end of its 10 years long moist conflict.This decade long armed struggle between the Maoists and the former government of Nepal impacted the lives of people living in all the different tiers of Nepal’s social structure. More than 14000 people were killed, 1700 were listed as missing. Single parent families, child orphan, abandoned elders, and traumatized families were the immediate issues to be addressed by Nepalese society and Nepal Government. However, the compounding political instability and transition to peace process lead thousands of men and women from both rural and urban Nepal to migrate for labor work in different countries posing another issue of family separation. Realizing the need of professional workers to solve the problems of  different individuals, groups and communities, a group of young and enthusiastic scholars came together to form an  educational institute to nurture young students with university level Social Work program  and  make  them ready to be professional social workers.  Dr. Bala Raju Nikku, Dr. Pranita Bhushan Udas, Ms Pradipta Kadambari, Mr. Sanjay Kadambari, Late Ms Komal Magarati, Mr. Joyson Josh and Prof Mahendra Narayan Mishra were the first founding team of the college. A great support and collaboration was extended by then principal of Saint Xavier College, Father P. T Augustine. The group presented a proposal to Purbanchal University to develop Social Work program for bachelor and master level program.The team prepared curriculum of BSW and MSW for Purbanchal University and started BSW program from 2005 with the goal to prepare professional social workers who will provide quality service to oppressed and marginalized sector of society and improve their socioeconomic condition in contributing to sustainable social development.

 Believing in building strong institution, the founding members founded a mother organization called Sutra Centre for Development Education and Research. The vision of the centre was to contribute to the equitable social development of Nepal through professional education and research. Kadambari Memorial College came to existence as its university level, nonprofit, educational initiative. During its 14 years educational journey, Kadambari has been thriving as vibrant and proactive Social Work college in Nepal. Shaped by its own program, the colleges is now focused on delivering and also developing quality Social Work educational program and aspire to establish as a national institute of excellence in Social Work in Nepal. A dedicated and motivated team of young faculty members and mangagment is a working team of Kadambari at present who with their passiona and professionalism is driving  the college toward its vision.  

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