Curtin Social Work Students  Social Work Camp to Sermathang

Working  With Communities : Curtin Social Work Students  Social Work Camp to Sermathang

Working  With Communities : Curtin Social Work Students  Social Work Camp to Sermathang

Three days Social Work Camp of Curtin University Social Work students, was organized by Kadambari Memorial College from July 1st to 3rd, as part of their International Social Work Program Working with Communities. The program was designed to provide interfacing opportunity to Australian students in Nepal’s community and models of community development.  The interactive and observatory opportunities were put in program to provide learning in micro and mezzo level Social Work as community Social Workers. 

Just Nepal Foundation (JNF) is working in strengthening young people in Helambu region to retain as youth force in community development. The 15 month long Youth 4 Change project ended recently in last month with 91 youth participants. The challenging work of youth retention was facilitated with serried of youth camps in understanding self and creating entrepreneurs as self sustainable youth. The two Social Workers of the program Ms. Anu Thapa and Mr. Nirajan Sharma, the graduates of Kadambari Memorial College, successfully completed the project with intended outcomes. These two Social Workers provided insights on the project working model, challenges and success of the project. Today among 91, around 25 % people have started start ups and almost 90% has changed their minds to leave country.  Listening to the JNF team working model, the students gained knowledge on challenges and also the working model of the youth transformative empowerment movement. The Australian students also have farm visit of the participants also interacted with them. 

Yangrima School in Sermathang is an example of quality education and effort of founding members to provide quality education in the remote village.  The interactions with students and teacher Nabraj along with the insightful stories from founding member  madam Sangay Khandu Lama  provided different aspects of school  as promoter of community development. The sustainability model  the founding members are developing now also provided understanding on bottom to top approach of common people and their commitment to their society. 

Mothers’ group is the strong part of Sermathan Community. Despite the challenges of  road , water supply , rebuilding of houses from earthquake and  migrating young population , the women group presented a module of self-help group in Sermathang. Their involvement in road maintenance and  maintance of  social harmony along with  empowering themselves  in learning English language and improving their conversation to tourist were  very inspiring as best practices in community development. They truly presented the notion of  importance of community organization as source of sustainability in Social Work. 

The  importance of spiritual space in community was learnt from the Lama ( Priest ) of Guru Rimpoche Gumba . His own story of migration and again coming back to his community and developing a  centre of religious and spiritual activity presented the  model of use  Social Work and spirituality in working in communities.  It provided insights on importance of strengthening the hope and aspiration of people . 

The team of Curtin and Kadambari exchanged  lots of  knowledge and  insights in  working  in Communities from both  countries perspectives . The Curtin team was led by Ms. Natalie Long and the whole program was facilitated by the lead of International  study program of Kadambari Memorial College, Ms. Pradipta Kadambari. 

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