Kadambari memorial college has been a great experience that I will always cherish

Puspa Joshi

Pushpa Joshi

Program Officer

Loom Nepal

With the objective to pursue career in the social field, I joined Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) at Kadambari Memorial college with recommendations from my seniors. I was introduced with various subjects that built my interest to explore more about this area. With friendly environment and qualified teachers, it felt like attending workshops rather than class. The college was very flexible about the student’s choice of field organization, hence I was able to choose the organizations for my field placement so that I can focus on my career goal of working in the sector of gender and Sexual reproductive health rights. The individual mentorship programs for the students was one of the things that really impressed me; I could go to the teachers and get guidance on my study or any matter. I am very thankful for the community exposure that my college provided through camps and other programs which has been very helpful for me in my professional journey. More than that, the value of support, respect, mutual learning that the college has embraced have been very helpful while learning inside and outside of class with my friends and teachers. I also remember the ‘Active Sunday’ program where we could meet professionals and organizations from different backgrounds and extend our networking with them. I think it is a very good program for the students seeking their area of interest and a great learning and exposure opportunity for the students. Overall, my experience as a student in Kadambari memorial college has been a great experience that I will always cherish. 


Even after the graduation from Kadambari Memorial College, when I get invited to conduct sessions and speak to the students, I feel very proud and happy to contribute. This practice of giving opportunity to the alumnus to engage with college activity is very important as an education institution that I suggest the college to always treasure.


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