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Elson Thapa


Orbit Medical Entrance

I travelled all the way from Galkot, Baglung to Kathmandu to acquire higher education, dreaming of being a doctor in 2006. My aim had changed from being a Doctor to Chartered Accountant due to our societies demand and family interest which lead me to join management course in CCRC college in 2010 after my SLC. In my higher education (+2) there was a Human Rights Education program for 3 month which was very effective for the youth to understand and fight for their rights. I extended that program by forming club in the college namely "CCRC- Club of Humanity" which every year aware new admitted students in the college itself by conducting various workshops and trainings regarding Human Rights from the experts. During my college days I had involved in the project “Seed of Change” - Reinforcing the role of young people with fewer opportunities in their access to social rights where 20 youths from different districts of Nepal brought together, where I was one of other 4 youths to get selected for International Youth Meeting in Palermo, Italy in 2013. The youth meeting was composed of 45 participants from 7 countries and fully funded by European Union and CEIPEs. During the project whatever the activities I was involved in were directly connected to people and community. Now the time had come where I had to decide where I suit myself in the society. After my college I thought that I was developing myself as a social activist, so I joined Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) in Kadambari Memorial College. There were many colleges advertising Social Work courses but those friends and seniors who were acquiring BSW course in other colleges recommended me to join BSW course in Kadambari college. I had visited many colleges for admission as I was unknown about Kadambari but they denied and forced me to get admitted in Kadambari Memorial college. 

In the first semester I initiated a project “Engagement Through Cricket” with the help of one Australian volunteer- Geyrad Ryan. This project was specially launched for children of Slum/Squatter near the college which benefited around 20 children to change their behaviour, develop TEAM in their own community and made them attend regular class in school. The effectiveness of this project forced college to form College With Community (CWC) group. As all my colleagues were busy volunteering in the established NGOs, I always thought of creating my own workplace in the community. In every semester I did something new that no other students initiated before. I also worked with the Community Police. I was curious why people specially children are scared of the police in Nepal but later I learned the intimate relationship between 2P ie; “People and Police” to maintain “Peace and Prosperity” in the community. I got chance to deal one case of a children in government school with the support of community police. As the world knows, Nepal was hit by a massive earthquake in April 2015. I had major initiation in bringing up five different organizations together to work for the victims and survival of the earthquake in Sindhupalchowk district. We supported people physically, socially and psychologically. Whatever the workshops and training conducted for students in Kadambari now I find are very useful in my daily life. 

I was in my fourth semester, I got a call from one of my neighbour that one boy who is 15 years old and studying in ninth grade is misbehaving with the family members frequently and as I was studying social work he was expecting me to improve behaviour of that boy. I was little shocked but accepted to deal with the case of that boy. I visited his home meet his family members and start collecting more information regarding the case. I came to know that he was punished brutal by his hostel warden in the previous school and was forced to change the school. He was very fond of playing basketball but the principal and coaches recommend him to acquire good grades in class before joining basketball team in the school. His interest of playing basketball I saw in his hand as he had put tattoo of basketball in his hand. I went to his friends to know his daily activities. The boy was so good in his friends circle but whenever he sees his parents and school members he seems total changed. Here, the parents were so much concerned about his life and looking after the TV advertisement and recommendation from others neighbour they planned to admit him in the rehabilitation centre. I denied but one night some representatives from that rehab visited his home and took him to the rehabilitation centre. I went to see him and meet him but they did not allow me as I was not belonging his family. After three month, his mother was called in the hospital. I went with his mother to see him, he was so upset and depressed from the rehab that if he was not acted of being physically weak, he was planning to do suicide. I then took him back home, talk to him, his family and school management. I talked to his school management that if he want to play basketball let him play and for his education the family takes all the responsibility whatever he achieves. Now he is happily residing with his family members in the foreign country.   

We had formed one social workers group from different colleges of valley and develop “Books & Rooms” project to provide basic necessities to the children and provide base for their quality education in rural parts of our country and as a part in the first phase we supported children of Janakalyan Primary School, Dolakha with school dress and stationeries for one year. In the second year the project was continued in Shree Nawayug Primary School at Galkot, Baglung, which is my birth place.
I am currently working as a manager at Orbit Medical Entrance Pvt. Ltd, Kathmandu Nepal, an authorized agent of British Council Nepal for the registration of IELTS test dates in Nepal. I am doing my master's in clinical psychology at Tri-Chandra College, Tribhuwan University. I am a member of ''Unnati Foundation'' a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive programs for girls in Nepal who live in vulnerable situations through academic, health and life skills education whose simple mission is to empower girls. I am also a member of ''Galkot Ghumte Development Forum'' a non-profit organization which work for the development of Galkot, Baglung district of Nepal through Tourism development and sustainable local resources utilization. I had presented papers in different international conferences in India and Singapore as well. I represented Nepal in the Social Service Leaders Exchange program 2018 in Singapore. I am that kind of person who is fond of developing networks in various sectors with my belief of learning by engaging. 

The best part I remember that Kadambari Memorial College had organised three days International Conference "Nurturing University Community Engagement: Innovation, Integration and Impact" in 2016 and I along with my friends were given responsibility in overall management of the conference. The Professor from Thamasat University, Thailand at the end thanks Kadambari College for providing students their own space according to their strength and promise to follow the same in his University now onwards. Every other participant also appreciate how Kadambari students had contributed in successful contribution of the conference. 

Now I have a plan to bring Social Work and Psychology together. I am very proud of representing Kadambari Memorial College family. 

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