Fund raising training by social work students was also one of the best memories I had in Kadamabari


Ruja Pokharel

Program Coordinator

Swatantrata Abhiyan Nepal

After my plus two, I was clear that I wanted to pursue my bachelor degree in social work as I always wanted to work in the development sector. I came to Kathmandu from Biratnagar for a degree in Social Work since there were no any social work colleges in Biratnagar then. I had applied in St. Xaviers College for the course but luckily I couldn’t get admission there and ended up joining the course in Kadambari College. Initially I was confused whether I should continue the course or drop the course since the teaching methodology was completely different from the trend of teaching that I was used to. But as time passed I started enjoying the course. The field placements in organizations like Child Workers in Nepal Concern Centre (CWIN), World Vision International, and Forum for Women Law and Development (FWLD) gave me insights of real social work field. During the course Individual Conference/Group Conference, the guest lectures, the presentations assigned to us were like stressors for all of us. But later I realized that those stressors were positive as it helped build my confidence to face the mass and put my thoughts forward without any hesitation. The Social Work camps, the celebration of International Social Work days initiated by the students of different social work colleges helped develop leadership quality as everyone had to take some responsibilities. Fund raising training by social work students was also one of the best memories I had in Kadamabari as a student. Be it fundraising for flood affected victims or for going to social work camps, our batch never had to rely on other resources as we ourselves collected funds for our projects. The college was a second home for me as most of the time was spend in college in various social work events. I am glad that we were exposed to such events because such events helped me become a social work professional that I am today.

Soon my bachelors I got an opportunity to pursue my Masters in Social Work in the Oxford College of Arts, affiliated to Bangalore University because of Silver Jubilee Scholarship granted by the Embassy of India.  I was specialized in medical and psychiatric social work in 2013. After that I got an opportunity to work as a research officer in TPO Nepal, one of the best organizations working in the field of mental health in Nepal. Soon my master’s degree, I started teaching Psychiatric Social work in Kadambari College to share my knowledge and experience in mental health. After my four years of work in TPO, I am now working as Program Coordinator in Swatantrata Abhiyan Nepal, an NGO working in the sector of policy advocacy on human rights issues. I am always proud to be associated with Kadambari College as a student and as a teacher. I am also thankful to my teachers and mentors for contributing in building my professional career as a social worker. 

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