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Established with the motto to encourage students to educate themselves with their own potential, spirit and pace,Kadmabari Memorial College of Science and Management (KMCSM) is a program of SUTRA Centre for Development and Research registered in 2005 under the Society Registration Act. 2034. One of the objectives of the centre is to promote higher education in social work in Nepal. KMCSM was established in affiliation with Purbanchal University and has been only one academic institute whicn only runs  Social Work programs. KMCSM has been nurturing trained professional social workers since its establishment. It is among one among the  three colleges of Nepal which are offering the BSW program in social work and in near future begin MSW program. KMCSM focuses solely on providing higher education and strengthening professional social work education in Nepal. We develop students' skills and knowledge in professional social work, an academic discipline that seeks to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of individuals, groups, and communities.We are dedicated to provide quality education and reduce inequalities in our campus in terms of access to education.

Vision: To be an isntitution of excellence in higher education, responding to changing social contexts, innovate and integrate knowledge and skills towards creating a peopel centered , sustainable and just society which promotes and protects dignity, equality, social justice and human rights for all. 

MIssion: To  promote the delivery of professional social work education as a means to develop ethical , committed, skilled social workers capable of leading social change to promote wellbeing of marginalised and disadvantage individuals , groups and commuity to establish dignified, equitable and jsut society.

Goal : To nurture professional social workers who provide quality service to  oppressed and marginalised sector of society and improve their wellbeing to sustainable development.

         To prepare entry- level and  master level social workers for generalist and specialised practice in multiethic, multicultural context with global knowledge and competency of social work and ability to  work locally with  understanding and solving complex social problems within the values and ethics of professional social work.

        To reduce inenqualities of the opportunity of access to social work education and provide quality social work education in Nepal.

       To build international linkages to create a platform for exposure, exchange and experiences of students and faculties in social work practice and contexualise the global practices of social work social work education in Nepal. 


Our featured Programs

Active Sundays

Practice Learning for personal and professional social work

International Study Tour/ International Social Work students Placement

Art Exhibition and Drama about Environment Pollution


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_When I look back at my life’s journey, Kadambari Memorial College, and my Bachelor’s journey surely has been a significant factor in enriching me academically and as an individual. Choosing social work was a momentous occasion, especially since I was transitioning from a science background into humanities. Eventually, deeper the knowledge on social work more intense feeling of complacence with my own decision of joining Bachelor’s in social work (BSW) was hovering around my brain. Social Work at Kadambari introduced me to various realities and showed me how I could make a difference, for which I am extremely blessed and thankful for. I will forever cherish the field works and internships, the camps, exposure visits and all those collaborative works at Kadambari. It has undeniably broadened my horizon of thinking, ingraining the seeds of optimism which I assure to incontestably exercise it in my everyday life. I am also grateful to Women’s Rehabilitation Center (WOREC) Nepal for welcoming me to its family as well as supporting me in my journey to do what I am passionate about and allowing me to grow as a young person. . Being born as a girl in Bajura, one of the far-fetched regions of Nepal, it wasn’t stress-free reaching here. However, I persistently headed off with the notion that “Hard ...

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